Creating windows of opportunity for young people

Background Information

The Corner House Youth Project is a registered charity based in Stockton Town Centre. The work is focused completely on the needs of young people aged 8-21 years. The project is funded from a variety of sources i.e. Children in Need, Positive Futures and Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council. This cocktail of funding provides a wide range of services for young people in the Borough of Stockton.

Project Principles

The organisation is well placed to deliver the Change for Children agenda - Youth Matters and Every Child Matters outcomes have become integral to our working practices. Working in partnership with a range of organisations we are able to ensure that young people receive services that are well co-ordinated and contribute to the Youth Offer for Stockton.

Young people's participation in the development of our services is paramount to the shape of the organisations current and future activity and we believe in the rights of young people to be heard, valued and respected. This belief forms the basis of our working principles to ensure that young people are supported in their involvement in all stages within their own personnel progression and development, which makes a positive and lasting difference to thier lives. The methodology we use to achieve this is using good youth work practice, delivered by multi-skilled and committed youth workers.